8 thoughts on “Flight-tracking Blocking Efforts Underway”

  1. What’s the line the Police State likes to use? “If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you’ve nothing to hide.”

    Funny how that rule only seems to apply to US and not THEM.

  2. Saw this on reddit a couple days ago and really it just sounds like a bunch of media hype with nothing behind it. Even if they agree on rolling the transponder hex codes every so often it won’t change anyone’s ability to set up an RTL stick and a 1090 antenna. Look how well rolling codes worked for Nagravision v2 (and even v3) for premium satellite TV. A bunch of nonsense doing nothing other than generating FUD for the media.

    1. Yeah, I spoke with a cop who flys the local police helicopter over the weekend. I asked him if his transponder was Mode S, or if he had ADS-B. He had no clue what that even was. I think we’ll see folks maybe just go to Mode C only (until 2020 at least) if they’re concerned (and know anything).

  3. He was the pilot. Surprisingly, many pilots don’t understand the technology. I would bet >50% of pilots couldn’t describe the difference between Mode C and Mode S and ADS-B.

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